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How to Identify The Authenticity Of Your Jewelry

To verify the authenticity of jewelry a specialist is required. We need to know that every jewelry that is crafted from precious metals it bears a seal, designed to certify the purity of precious metal
and it's origin.For this at least you do not need special education.
The difficulty arises when we want to identify whether the jewelry has genuine gems.
Here comes the science of gemology to help us to reveal the magic and secrets of precious stones.
The Gemologist as a scientist studies the precious stones, in terms of their genesis, their authenticity, their properties, their laboratory synthesis, methods of improving their physical appearance, etc.
An authentic jewel is distinguished by it's originality and imagination in design, style and finishing, elegance in appearance and authenticity of the precious metal and stones.
 The age in a jewelry is shown by the style, design and origin.
Tree elememts to help you in your jewelry shopping
The prospective buyer should be careful when buying certain elements which suggest the value of jewels.
  • The authenticity and purity of the precious metals, which is certified by a stamp (such as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 925 900)
  • The code number of each pendant  mainly in handmade jewelry certifying the manufacturer's 
responsibility towards the prospective buyer.
  • The authenticity of the stones.
  • Its artistic value, if the finish is handmade, the design and technique.
These are a few steps to look out when you go for jewelry shopping,be carefull and have fun!

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