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What is Jewelry
Jewelry or jewellery consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment.It's ornament made of precious metals, with or without gemstones, usually small and for a specific purpose on the body and clothes: brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings.
Studying the history of Greek jewelry we see a spectacular bloom of goldsmithing in Crete and the Aegean islands during the Minoan civilization.
Minoan Time
Gold had been worked on thin plates and had representations of animals, insects, plants and marine species.
The Minoans made of wire primitive but beautiful chains, and simple crowns with threaded beads and leaves.
Highlights of this season were the bright colors,the movement and the liveliness in the figures and issues.
In historical times the Greek jewelry, the first steps were very simple.It included manufactures from simple wires which sometimes were twisted.
Between 800 and 675 BC the art of processing gold, silver and amber was spread.
Since then, new techniques such as pouring of gold, hammering, making chains, the filigree construction and grains.
Archaic Time
In the Archaic period the jewelry was poorly developed due to lack of gold.After the Persian wars gold
 was plentiful and we had rapid development of goldsmithing. In the Golden century of Pericleous were made gold wreaths, adorned with laurel leaves, ivy, oak and olive to honor the victor. Stones and psifidon were displayed
at the end of the season which make their appearance wonderful curved gemstone rings.
 Byzantine Time
As we continue our journey in the history of jewelrywe arrive in Byzantium where they carved precious strafed stones and gold and silver jewelry.In this era jewelry is oversized with geometric shapes, simple lines, and colorful gems.
With the fall of Constantinople craftsmen leave for Europe and especially for Italy where we have the rise of Renaissance.
The tradition of jewelry is rich, with deep roots, prehistoric, ancient Greek, Byzantine.

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