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Larimar gemstone

CODE: 0635

Price: 20,00 €
  • Larimar

    • Color:
    • Sky Blue

      • Shape:
      • Pear
      • Cabochon

        • Clarity:
        • Opaque

          • Weight (carat):
          • 7.83Cts

            • Rating: Not Rated Yet
              Manufacturer: E. M. Gems and Diamonds Email
              • Description
              • Reviews

              Larimar is a rare blue, gem-quality variety of the mineral pectolite. Pectolite is normally gray in color and is actually not that rare, occurring in many locations around the world. But blue Larimar is found only in one location in the entire world - the Dominican Republic. Larimar is also known as 'the Atlantis stone', based on old legends which claim that the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost city of Atlantis. It is a stone which is able to sooth emotions, cool tempers and alleviate stress, bringing a feeling of calmness to its wearer.

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